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Student Skill Evaluation

Our unique program for English tutoring begins with a standardized student evaluation. This evaluation was developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley. The evaluation pinpoints the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. From the evaluation, we identify the specific areas for which a student needs tutoring help and design a custom learning plan specifically for that individual.

The learning plan forms the foundation for our in-home English tutoring and is administered, along with our proprietary curriculum, by our expert tutors. Our tutors can also instruct your child with lessons they are currently taking in school to ensure their success. Our Above Grade Level tutors also mentor your child in developing effective study habits. These basic study habit skills instill self-confidence to ensure your child performs well at school.

Tutoring Students in Reading and Reading Comprehension

A child's success in school depends on whether they can read books at their own grade level. Just as important is a child's comprehension and understanding as to what they have read. Above Grade Level tutors are committed to help your child read well and also understand what they have read. This opens the doorway of opportunity for academic advancement and a lifetime of learning.

Tutoring Students in Writing, Spelling, and Grammar

The ability to write concisely and clearly enables pupils to attain higher grades and communicate on all levels. Our writing tutors are specialists in developing proper writing and communication skills in our students. When a child is able to complete their writing school work using clear, concise writing that contains proper spelling and grammar, their grades will improve. We tutor students with our proven system which guarantees results.

Tutoring for Advanced Placement and College Prep

We have programs designed specifically for students. Especially students participating in Advanced Placement or College Prep courses. Students in these advanced programs can join our Advanced Essay Writing course. This program is particularly beneficial to pupils preparing for college entry examinations. Students taking Advance Placement programs or starting their college studies will also find this beneficial.

Tutoring in Phonics and Vocabulary Building

Building a useful vocabulary is a critical step in your student's ability to continue to learn to read and write. Above Grade Level's specialized language tutoring enables your child to build a strong vocabulary.

Our expertly-developed curriculum is so effective that we guarantee your child's grade will improve by at least one full grade level or ten percentage points.